Morimoto Laser Bulb Concept Revealed at DVN Detroit 2017

The 2017 DVN (Driving Vision News) USA workshop was held north of Detroit in Rochester, MI from January 10-11 with a central theme of “Future Lighting Technologies and Standardization, Safety and regulatory Affairs”. Driving Vision News is an international organization … Continue reading Morimoto Laser Bulb Concept Revealed at DVN Detroit 2017

The Next Big Thing: Curved LED Light Bars

An exciting new product showcased at this year’s SEMA show were curved LED light bars from Vision X, Rigid Industries, Putco, Bulldog and Baja Designs. These manufacturers have really stepped up this year to innovate an already innovative industry!  Vision X will have a double-row 5w LED product available from their Xmitter Prime Xtreme product line in various sizes all the way up to 50″ wide! Rigid Industries also debuted new curved LED light bars in a new “RDS” series light developed from the E-Series platform available in different lengths up to 54″. Putco not only debuted an entirely new … Continue reading The Next Big Thing: Curved LED Light Bars

What are LED Headlights?

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode” and the technology has come leaps and bounds in just last last couple of years, and every 6 months or so the potential for LED forward lighting proves to be more and more the new industry leader. 10 years ago the idea of an LED headlight was unheard of because the only thing LEDs were being used for were indicators in electronic devices and they didn’t make nearly enough light output to be used to actually see anything with. Back in the day, way back when, one of the first types of automobile or … Continue reading What are LED Headlights?

Wild New Headlight Technology – Lasers and LEDs!

The Feds don’t know what to make of Audi’s new LED headlamps! Audi has built a better automotive lighting system, known as the matrix beam LED headlamps. Matrix LEDs promise better, more precise lighting for the driver, less blinding light to dazzle oncoming motorists, and a kind of mid-beams for roads with only a little traffic. The Matrix lighting technology is ready to go on the 2013 Audi A8 big luxury sedan, but don’t hold your breath if you live in the US — when Audi asked the National Highway Transportation Administration for a ruling, the NHTSA demurred, unsure how … Continue reading Wild New Headlight Technology – Lasers and LEDs!

New LED Bulbs “WOW” Consumers

LED technology used for bulb replacements and upgrades has come a long way since Jam Straight introduced their LED bulb replacements years ago. The novelty of using LEDs for light bulbs in the enthusiasts car quickly wore off after experiencing the lack of power output from the early style LED products. Today with the invention of Surface Mount Technology and high power diodes, innovation and new technology is the name of the game in the LED bulb market and GTR Lighting is at the forefront of these developments. The GTR Lighting TW6 LED bulbs are direct bulb replacements that are … Continue reading New LED Bulbs “WOW” Consumers

Can’t Find the Light You’re Looking For?

Have you ever tried looking for some type of lighting product but couldn’t quite find what you are looking for? I’d like for you to know about Black Top Racing, which sells and stocks an incredible line of LED and HID products as well as headlight housings and off-road lights. Every light bulb you will ever find in your car or truck can be replaced by LED or HID bulbs available from Black Top Racing. Need a weird looking trunk light bulb? Black Top Racing carries it. Need a high power off-road light option with the ballast inside – Black Top … Continue reading Can’t Find the Light You’re Looking For?

Light Emitting Diodes

First used as status and indicator lamps, and more recently in under-shelf illumination, accent lighting, and directional marking applications, high-brightness LEDs have emerged within the last six years. But only recently have they been seriously looked upon as a feasible option in general purpose or automotive lighting applications. This is an overview of the basic technology which these devices are based. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are solid-state devices that convert electric energy directly into light of a single color. Because they employ “cold” light generation technology, in which most of the energy is delivered in the visible spectrum, LEDs don’t waste … Continue reading Light Emitting Diodes

High Intensity Discharge Lighting

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge which is a term used for many types of lighting systems. Before HID lighting became popular for use in automobiles it was used in industrial and commercial applications. Street lamps, ceiling lights inside large commercial buildings and even some strobe lights are considered high intensity discharge lighting. The technology in high intensity discharge is in some ways similar to fluorescent technology: an arc is established between two electrodes in a gas-filled tube which causes a metallic vapor to produce radiant energy. In this case, however, a combination of factors shifts the wavelength of much … Continue reading High Intensity Discharge Lighting