JW Speaker 8800 4×6″ LED Headlights

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… LED technology is taking over the world! The incredible light output reached by LED forward lighting products today is nearly as potent as any xenon product of any style, and it won’t be much longer until LED is king of the hill in every regard. Because I see the future of lighting technology trending towards Light Emitting Diodes, I want you to see this headlight, developed and manufactured in America, by a company called JW Speaker, from Wisconsin. J.W. Speaker produces high-end LED lighting products for industrial, commercial and aftermarket purposes. … Continue reading JW Speaker 8800 4×6″ LED Headlights

Back To The 50’s Car Show – Halogen Sealed Beams Everywhere!

This past weekend was the 39th annual Back to the 50s car show held at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds in St. Paul, MN. I got to go for a day and see everything and I must say the event was a blast! There were big name vendors like Chevrolet, Rousch, Ford and many smaller local vendors like Union Speed & Style and lots of flea-market style setups selling all sorts of automotive goodies! It was just incredible to see so many restored classics, hot rods, street rods and wild custom muscle cars. Arguably the biggest attraction for myself was … Continue reading Back To The 50’s Car Show – Halogen Sealed Beams Everywhere!

Projector Headlights for Sealed Beam – 7×6 Housings

Many vehicles from the past are outfitted with “sealed beam” headlights from the factory, which means that the headlight housing and the headlight “bulbs” are one and the same. There are no replaceable capsules like modern headlights and when the filament burns out the entire assembly needs to be replaced. We’ve seen this issue overcome multiple times in the past by manufacturers creating something called composite headlight conversions. This means you take a headlight housing (round or square) that is the same dimension as the old style sealed beam housing but the new product has replaceable light bulbs. This allows … Continue reading Projector Headlights for Sealed Beam – 7×6 Housings

Sealed Beam Headlights

Some of the first headlights used in cars and trucks after upgrading from candles and lanterns was a housing with built-in filament running on 12v electricity with the name “sealed beam” headlights. It’s called this because unlike today’s modern headlight housings, this entire headlight acted as the bulb. The glass housing was filled with halogen gas and the filament lit up inside just like the filament inside of a modern light bulb. Sealed beam headlights have been used in new manufacturing even today in some heavy machinery and tractor trailer trucks, however less and less frequently. Today people are still … Continue reading Sealed Beam Headlights