7″ Round Crystal Reflector Headlights with LED Halo – A Review

H6014 LED Headlight

Universal Fit for all H6014 or H6015 or H6024 Applications (Models With 7" Round Headlights)

Recently I did a video review of the 7″ Round Crystal Reflector Headlights that I sell, these headlights are really neat because they come with an LED halo. These are a popular model because they are a very common fit for all Jeep Wrangler headlights with round assemblies. Check out the video review here:

The thing that I like the most about these headlights is that they are higher quality than I am used to seeing with most aftermarket composite headlights. Although they are still made over seas, they are not “candy glass” construction. The glass lens seems to be very durable and clear. The way the LED modules are fitted to the back is also very nice. They seem to have had a good deal of care spent on them during assembly.

The other thing that separates these 7″ round headlights from the pack of others that are out there is the LED halo style. Normally the halo is a complete 360 degree fixture, but these go a little more creative route with two curved, vertical LED lines that make up about 90% of a complete halo. It’s just a creative and unique take on a current style.

You can buy these LED headlights at TLG-Auto.com along with a bunch of other styles of 7″ round headlights.