Difference between halogen, LED and HID headlights

If you’ve ever wondered about the differences between the original halogen bulbs that come in your stock headlights, and an upgraded HID or LED bulb, then keep reading! Most cars and trucks built today come with halogen headlight and fog light bulbs, also called incandescent, and there are 3 ways to increase the brightness: 1. Install a different halogen bulb that runs at a higher wattage. 2. Install an HID Conversion Kit. 3. Install LED Headlight Bulbs. In this picture (above) you can see the light output of a typical modern headlight. It uses a 55w halogen headlight bulb and … Continue reading Difference between halogen, LED and HID headlights

Can-Am Maverick Lighting Overhaul

Want to take your Can-Am Maverick 1000XMR to the next level? Check out the LED and HID Lighting upgrades made to this Can-Am in the video and get the look yourself! Here’s a breakdown of what was shown in the video. At 1:00, the high and low headlights were the first thing to get upgraded. HID bulbs worked best with the Can-Am projector headlights, so both the high and low beams got 9005 55W HID Conversion Kits from GTR Lighting. If you’ve ever thought about upgrading to HID bulbs but were hesitant of the installation process, check out the video at 3:38 to … Continue reading Can-Am Maverick Lighting Overhaul