JW Speaker 6130 LED Headlights, a Strange Design With Awesome Output

The JW Speaker model #6130 4.5″ round LED headlight is a unique option for your customized vehicle. The Light output of this JW Speaker 6130 holds up the JW Speaker brand once again. The output is perfect. Is this LED headlight right for you? The JW Speaker 6130 has great light output, great quality, and is built in the USA but it’s not perfect. These units have internal fans that have visible white stickers, and they don’t fit too many applications. You’ll really have to know what you’re doing in terms of installation and fabrication to make them work, but … Continue reading JW Speaker 6130 LED Headlights, a Strange Design With Awesome Output

Vision X Torture Test Holds More Weight

The Vision X guys brought their LED light bars out to an industrial mining location to see if they can hold up against TONS of weight. They threw the light bar into the mining truck to drop it from 3 stories up and in one fluid take they prove that the Vision X products will withstand the impacts of gravity caused by the gigantic mining truck. Then they put the a light bar under the tracks of one of the biggest vehicles imaginable to show how it would hold up against the weight and pressure of such a machine! As … Continue reading Vision X Torture Test Holds More Weight

The world’s BRIGHTEST Toyota Tundra!

Have you seen this truck? Well if you’re a fan of lighting and a fan of trucks, then you owe it to yourself to check out the 99,000 Lumen Toyota Tundra from Headlight Revolution! Between the GTR Lighting HID Kits in the headlights and the Vision X and JW Speaker LED offroad lights, this thing will quite literally turn night into day! Check out the full specifications of this truck here. This truck uses a 35w HID low beam, a 55w HID high beam, LED fog lights from JW Speaker and 3 high power Vision X LED offroad light bars … Continue reading The world’s BRIGHTEST Toyota Tundra!

Are LED Headlights Legal?

Many consumers are concerned with whether or not the headlights they are interested in will pass an inspection or be considered “DOT Approved”. It’s a safe bet that if your headlights are rated as “DOT approved” then yes they are legal to use. Many headlight products seem like they are just as good as others because of a certain Lumen rating or quality control, but a true head light should have two main characteristics: Have a separate low beam and high beam (or only one beam) Have some kind of focus of the beam pattern so it doesn’t blind other … Continue reading Are LED Headlights Legal?