2017 Ford F150 LED Supernova Headlight Bulbs are Brighter than OEM LED!

Many vehicles today are coming with LED headlights right off the line but before this was a popular item to find direct from the manufacturer, people were already upgrading their lighting to high power LED or HID conversion kits. They … Continue reading 2017 Ford F150 LED Supernova Headlight Bulbs are Brighter than OEM LED!

What’s the difference between HID and Halogen lights?

The original automobiles literally used lamps (glass housing with a candle burning inside) to light the way on the roads, similar to how people would light the way on horseback. And I’m sure you’ve heard of Thomas Edison, who invented the first long-lasting incandescent light bulb in 1879, what most vehicles use in their modern day headlamps are based off of his original designs. A standard light bulb has a filament, and it gets electricity applied to each side of the filament and when this happens the filament gets very hot and reaches a state of incandescence. This is why … Continue reading What’s the difference between HID and Halogen lights?

HID Lighting 101: Just The Basics

  Xenon, or High-Intensity Discharge (HID), lighting provides more light and increases visibility of many peripheral objects (e.g., street signs and pedestrians) left in the shadows produced by standard halogen lighting. HID light sources provide the brightest illumination available and are considered the benchmark against which other forward lighting technologies are measured. HID light sources provide three to four times the light output of standard halogen light sources and promote better driving visibility by providing enhanced peripheral vision and improved down-road illumination. HID lighting can produce a crisp white light that stimulates reflective paint in road markers and signs. HID … Continue reading HID Lighting 101: Just The Basics

Exciting LED Headlight Technology – JW Speaker Brand

2 Years ago, LED Headlights were a fantasy – today they are a legitimate option for many automotive enthusiasts! With the help from JW Speaker Corp, a Wisconsin/USA manufacturer, it is now a possibility! LED headlights absolutely annihilate halogen lighting options in every category! Less electricity consumption, more efficient, less heat output, more lumen output, better looking! Because of recent advances in LED technology, and optics research and design, many consumers can replace halogen headlights with LED. Check out this review on a new Chrysler/Jeep Chinese Design Concept vehicle from AutoBlog: http://www.autoblog.com/photos/chrysler-and-jeep-chinese-design-concepts/#photo-4947767/ The JW Speaker 7″ round LED Headlights fit … Continue reading Exciting LED Headlight Technology – JW Speaker Brand

Infra Red Headlights?

Today’s HIR (Halogen Infra-Red) incandescent light bulbs produces 75% of the light output of HID headlights at 25% of the cost. They are a single filament bulb with the same base and o-ring style as a 9005 or 9006 headlight bulb. These bulbs attain light levels 75% to 110% brighter than stock as a result of an engineering process by GE that deposits multiple, yet almost invisible, layers of semi-reflective coating on the surface of a specially shaped quartz bulb. This coating reflects a portion of the infrared energy emitted by the filament back onto the filament, causing it to … Continue reading Infra Red Headlights?