Harley Davidson LED Headlights, Made by JW Speaker in the USA

Most Harley Davidson motorcycles come with a 7″ round sealed beam or composite halogen headlight bulb and starting in 2012 a new OEM option became available at all HD dealers to offer their customers a drop-in replacement LED headlight. This new futuristic-looking LED headlight has 4 projectors built in with a chrome surface and creates a stunning light output with 100% LED light. It’s interesting to point out though that this is not a Harley Davidson special. This headlight has been available for quite a while under the part number of JW Speaker model #8700. See for yourself the similarities:

The Harley Davidson re-branded LED headlight.

The Harley Davidson re-branded LED headlight.

Here is the Harley Davidson version of the headlight, with the Harley logo embossed into the middle of the light and very rounded lines surrounding the 4 different projectors. These headlights are drop-in plug and play for any Harley and they are DOT approved producing approximately 1,700 Lumens of light output!

JW Speaker Model #8700 LED Headlight

JW Speaker Model #8700 LED Headlight

Now here is the original J.W. Speaker model #8700 7″ round LED headlight with the Speaker logo and original bezel shape. If you look at the two lights it becomes obvious that they are the same thing and the only differences are some subtle design cues. The #8700 has kind of this “figure 8″ or “hourglass” type of raised design around the two middle projectors and the entire outside perimeter of the JW Speaker light is segregated by a crease in the bezel face. Also you will see the Speaker logo embossed at the top of the bezel face and nothing in the middle where the Harley logo is located in the other one.

These headlights are identical aside from the small design changes from one to another so if you want to get your hands on this headlight but can’t find one from your local Harley dealer, just click here to buy your own JW Speaker 8700 and it will plug right in!

Truck-Lite Versus JW Speaker – A Comparison of LED Headlights

Here is a motorcycle sporting the Truck-Lite 27270C LED headlights and the matching #80275 LED fog lights!

Here is a motorcycle sporting the Truck-Lite 27270C LED headlights and the matching #80275 LED fog lights!







In the Jeep and Harley communities, one of the latest hot topics are replacement LED headlights. The two most popular items being the JW Speaker 8700 and the Truck-Lite 27270C 7″ round replacement LED headlight housings.

Watch this video review of the Truck-Lite headlights I did where I compare it to the JW Speaker variant. You’ll get a good idea about this new headlight and if you think the JW Speaker 8700 is worth the money when compared to the Trucklite product:

JW Speaker 6130 LED Headlights, Unique Design and Awesome Light Output!

6130 Low beam and High beam LED headlights.

6130 Low beam and High beam LED headlights.

The JW Speaker LED headlights model #6130 are definitely a unique piece of equipment! Some people describe the way the high beam looks by calling them “spider eyes” and the low beam resembles it’s older brother, the more common #8700. Regardless if you like them or not, these lights are top notch and no purchaser of them will be disappointed in the build quality or the light output.

Coming in at about 4.6″ diameter you will be hard pressed to find an application where these lights just “slip into place” but they do come with a mounting bracket that makes them essentially universal! These would make for an epic street bike set of headlights or if you have a car or truck that takes 2 pairs of 6″ round headlights you could create your own method of installing these for a truly spectacular look and style like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

JW Speaker 6130 LED headlights custom-installed on a BMW car.

JW Speaker 6130 LED headlights custom-installed on a BMW car.

These headlights are also different than other LED headlights because they use an external LED driver. The reason for this is because the headlight housings are so small the driver cannot be contained inside. These lights are very powerful, and to create the amount of light output they do (about 1,200 low beam and 2,400 high beam) they need to use a 64w power driver. Finding a place to mount this driver is not that tough to do, and all the wiring hooks up very neatly and out of the way, but in order to use 4 of these lights you will have to get your hands on a pair of low beam headlights, a pair of high beam headlights AND a pair of the drivers. Each driver controls one low beam and one high beam headlight.

The 6130 low beam, the 6130 high beam and the driver to control them.

The 6130 low beam, the 6130 high beam and the driver to control them.

If you are interested in more information on these headlights, watch this detailed demo/review video that I made that shows you light output comparisons and everything about the lights you need to know:

How to stop JK Jeep Wrangler Flickering LED Headlights

Jeep Wrangler JK Anti-Flash LED Headlight Wire Harness

This is a harness made by TLG-Auto.com that solves the flickering problems when installing LED headlights in the JK Jeep Wrangler.

One of the most popular things happening in the Jeep market right now (other than Vision X LED Off Road light bars) are LED headlights. Several companies make a light that will fit the opening of the Jeep that uses a 7″ round headlight housing, but nobody makes one specifically for the Jeep. This is a problem because the JK Jeep Wrangler (2007+ Models) use a special CANBUS functionality built into the lighting circuit. This is a good thing because it is a more intelligent design to control the lighting but it makes modifying the headlights a difficulty. This is how to fix the flickering problems you will encounter when trying to install LED headlights into your JK.

Jeep Wrangler JK Anti-Flicker LED Headlight Wire Harness

This is a harness made by TLG-Auto.com that solves the flickering problems when installing LED headlights in the JK Jeep Wrangler.

Without doing any modifications to the wiring, if you install LED headlights, like the JW Speaker 8700 Evolution, or the Truck-Lite 27250C the lights will flicker, flash randomly or strobe. This can cause headaches for the owner of the product because it will seem like the product is defective.

Jeep JK Wrangler with LED Headlights, no flashing

With the anti-flicker harness from TLG-Auto you can install any LED headlights in your Jeep Wrangler without any flashing or strobing problems!

If your LED headlights installed in your JK Jeep flicker or strobe, the lights are not broken – IT’S A PROBLEM WITH YOUR JEEP! Don’t send the lights back. Instead buy THIS HARNESS! The Jeep Wrangler JK Anti-Flicker harness for LED headlights is made by Top Line Group Automotive and will solve your LED headlight strobe problems. This is a plug and play harness and requires no modifications, and you don’t have to hook it up to the battery! Simply plug it into the LED headlight and plug the other side into the Jeep – THAT’S IT!

Jeep Wrangler JK no flashing problems

With the anti-flicker harness from TLG-Auto you can install any LED headlights in your Jeep Wrangler without any flashing or strobing problems!

JW Speaker 6045 Jeep LED Fog Lights – New Bracket

JW Speaker 4.5" LED Fog Light JK Jeep

This is an early model picture of an upcoming fog light replacement bracket for the JK Jeep Wrangler. This will allow you to install the JW Speaker 6045 LED fog light into the factory bumper of all J/K Jeeps!

J.W. Speaker Corporation of Germantown, Wisconsin USA is the manufacturer of arguably some of the best LED headlight or forward lighting products in the world. Today’s lighting market has different segments, like any other, and no matter where you look for LED offroad lights or LED headlights, nobody compares equally to the JW Speaker LED headlights and 4.5″ driving lights. JW Speaker beats the competition in style, durability and sheer lighting performance. It’s no wonder that the Jeep enthusiast community has taken notice and elected the JW Speaker Model #8700 Evolution as their headlight leader!

Jeep JK 4.5" LED Driving Light

Jeep with JW Speaker 8700 LED headlights and JW Speaker 6045 LED fog lights. These match each other very well and are available in black or chrome.

Now that the masses have fallen in love with this quad-projector LED headlight they wanted something equally as impressive, in both looks and light output, to match the 8700 headlights. Enter the JW Speaker Model #6045 LED Fog Light. The 6045 is a 4.5″ round LED light utilizing 3 “D” shaped lenses each focusing high power LED chips inside the housing. Until now truck customizing shops have had to make their own bracketry to hold the 4.5″ LED light in place but very soon, when it is made available to the general public, there will be a plug and play option.

JW Speaker 6045 fog lights, JW Speaker 8700 Headlights

This is the Jeep Dragon concept vehicle that used all LED lighting including Recon and JW Speaker.

I think the thing that really prompted people to start trying this combo was the Jeep Dragon concept built for this year’s China Automobile Expo. I just wanted to give you a heads up that the Jeep JK 6045 LED Fog Light will become a more viable option very soon once this custom plug-and-play bracket is built and on the market. We’ll keep you posted when we learn more!

JW Speaker LED Headlights and Foglights

The JW Speaker LED Headlights and Fog Lights have become an enthusiast favorite amongst Jeep owners!

JW Speaker 8700 LED Headlight Review

7" Round LED Headlight

The legendary 8700 LED Headlight by JW Speaker Corp.

Recently I took the time to review a set of black-housing JW Speaker model #8700, 7″ Round LED Headlights. Needless to say I was blown away with the quality, style, and output. First some quick stats: 1,200 lumen light output, available in black and chrome housings, high and low beam function, 2.5amp current draw at 12 volts DC.

The smooth and powerful light output features a wide sweep from left to right and no distracting hot spots or lines that create shadows on the road. The light output on low beam leaves nothing to be desired, and high beam doesn’t offer much more. If anything could be improved on this set of lights it’s the high beam. It is almost non-existent and nothing like an OEM style bi-xenon hi/lo setup where the high beam floods light output way up high. The JW Speaker 8700 high beam adds a little extra “bump” in the center, but doesn’t really extend the reach upward but rather increases intensity.

Watch the video for a live demonstration and a comparison between the JW Speaker model and the original LED headlight from Truck-Lite:

These LED Headlights are the epitome of cool and the ultimate lighting accessory for any vehicle that comes from the factory with 7″ round headlights, either sealed beams or factory composites. Some of the vehicles that these lights will work in are the Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes Benz G500, Old Ford Mustang, Older Volkswagens, Hummer H1 and H2, and many industrial or commercial vehicles.