A Look at the 2014 Corvette Stingray LED and HID Headlights

The new Corvette Stingray is a pretty wild machine… using carbon and nanotech technology to create a super strong chassis along with new wild and intelligent styling and a super powerful 450HP LT1 engine. In my opinion the icing on the cake are the wild new LED and HID bi-xenon headlights:

The new C7 headlights are pretty wild! Built in DRL and bi-xenon HID forward lighting.

The new C7 headlights are pretty wild! Built in DRL and bi-xenon HID forward lighting.

The first time I saw these headlights were at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas where there were a BUNCH of these cars on display, and the first thing I thought of was similarity to the Ferrari 458 Italia headlights:

The Ferrari 458 has a similar style headlight to the new Stingray.

The Ferrari 458 has a similar style headlight to the new Stingray.

The fact that the Ferrari and Corvette share such a similar luxury design really shows the target the new Vette is trying to hit and with all the details and style that went into the new car it shows Chevrolet really knows what they are doing with this car!  After getting some really good looks at the new Corvette Stingray headlights this is what we can tell you about it:

1. Amber LED turn signals on the outside of each headlight

2. White LED DRL under each projector

3. Bi-Xenon 35w HID High and Low beam head lamp

4. Black housings

5. Corvette logo embossed on lens above projector

Corvette Stingray LED and HID Headlights

Corvette Stingray LED and HID Headlights

Here is a quote from the Chevrolet.com website about all new head lamps:
“Frosted indirect high-intensity discharge headlamps are the eyes to the technological soul of the Stingray, emanating crisp color, brightness and efficiency. The new elements bear a sharper, more sinister shape, framed by edge-lit amber LED turn signals and black chrome housing. Bi-Xenon HID technology achieves high and low beams with a single light engine.”

Here is the photo gallery I put together from all of the Corvette Stingray cars we found at SEMA 2013:

The world’s BRIGHTEST Toyota Tundra!

Have you seen this truck? Well if you’re a fan of lighting and a fan of trucks, then you owe it to yourself to check out the 99,000 Lumen Toyota Tundra from Headlight Revolution!

99000 Lumens

This tricked out truck puts out 99,000 Lumens of light when everything is turned on!

Between the GTR Lighting HID Kits in the headlights and the Vision X and JW Speaker LED offroad lights, this thing will quite literally turn night into day! Check out the full specifications of this truck here. This truck uses a 35w HID low beam, a 55w HID high beam, LED fog lights from JW Speaker and 3 high power Vision X LED offroad light bars to create an absolutely insane amount of light! If you ever wanted to know what OVERKILL looks like, this is it – but hey if you’re trying to show off how awesome LED and HID lighting upgrades are, why not go all out – right? Check out the video below showing off this truck in it’s entirety – including the lights; and visit www.HeadlightRevolution.com for more details on this awesome 2010 Tundra!

How To Install HID Low Beam Headlights in your 2007 – 2013 Chevy Silverado, Suburban and Tahoe

One of our good friends at HID Light Reviews recently published a new video showing step by step how to install an HID conversion kit for the low beam headlights in any 2007 – 2013 Chevrolet Silverado, Suburban or Tahoe – the install is the same for all of these trucks. You can see it here:


Whether you want to install new HID lights, replace your entire headlight assembly due to damage, or just replace an old bulb this video will help you out. This video applies to 2007-2013 Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, and Silverado.

HID Kit provided by GTRLighting. Find more information about hid lights, led lights, and other automotive accessories here: http://gtrlighting.com/

Is LED superior to HID?

When trying to decide which auxiliary off-road lighting or headlights for your vehicle, nowadays it’s a tough choice whether or not to go with HID or LED. For HID there are some reasonable options that are cost-effective when comparing to LED. However, HID cannot hold a candle to LED’s power consumption and lifespan. For headlights, it all depends on the application and your desired effect.

If you have a Jeep Wrangler, semi truck or an older vehicle that uses sealed beam headlights, then you can use LED headlights, or several different HID options. Starr HID makes vehicle specific projector HID headlights that are very high quality or you can just use a GTR Lighting HID conversion kit. If you have a 7″ round, 6″ Round, 4×6″ Rectangular or 5×7″ Rectangular sealed beam setup then you can use a full LED headlight from a company like Truck-Lite, JW Speaker or GTR Lighting. The differences will be this:

  • HID Headlights will Be Brighter, by about double
  • HID Headlights will not last as long. LED Headlights last 10x longer than HID
  • LED Headlights are the new technology, they look cooler and draw 1/10 the energy to operate
  • LED Headlights are brighter than stock
  • HID Headlights are available in a range of different colors
  • HID Headlights can be used in any application
  • LED Headlights have a narrow application range
  • LED Headlight Bulb replacements are not bright enough yet to be safe (as of this date)
JW Speaker makes some of the world's best LED headlight and LED off-road products.

JW Speaker makes some of the world’s best LED headlight and LED off-road products.

When looking at off-road lighting and comparing HID to LED it’s not quite as difficult of a choice but here are some things to keep in mind:

  • HID Headlights will be much cheaper. A 6″ 35w HID off-road light will run anywhere from $150 – $500
  • 35w HID will produce 3,000 – 3,600 Lumens of output. 55w HID will produce 4,500 – 5,500 Lumens of output.
  • LED is available in many configurations running from 900 Lumens (a single 10w LED product) all the way up to 35,000 Lumens (Vixion X XIL-PX7240)
  • LEDs will traditionally draw less energy than HID
  • HID and LED can both be found in long-range configurations

Overall, in terms of which is better for headlights, it’s a toss-up because the LED technology has not been developed far enough to be a universal application. But I predict in the future LED headlights will take over the world – they are the future.

In terms of LED off-road lighting, hands-down LED takes the cake, compared to LED off-road lighting, HID is old news. You will never find a viable HID option that will make over 40,000 Lumens (even that is stretching the imagination) and with LED it’s already easy to put 100,000 Lumens on the front of your truck.

Dodge Ram HID Lights

This 2010 Dodge Ram has a total of 9 HID lights on the front end! Talk about creating a wall of light! A total of 31,500 Lumens of light output!


The Revolution is Here!

So, this will be a short post, I just wanted to tell you about a new website called the Headlight Revolution:

The revolution is here!

The revolution is here!

This new website is designed to help people break the chains of conventional and boring halogen lighting and introduce the newest, most powerful, cutting edge lighting options for different applications in the world! If you ever need to find the hottest and wildest new lighting products, they WILL be hosted at the Revolution!

Check it out here:


The Headlight Revolution is here!

The Headlight Revolution is here!

Wild New Headlight Technology – Lasers and LEDs!

Here is a new design from Audi

Here is a new design from Audi

The Feds don’t know what to make of Audi’s new LED headlamps!

Audi has built a better automotive lighting system, known as the matrix beam LED headlamps. Matrix LEDs promise better, more precise lighting for the driver, less blinding light to dazzle oncoming motorists, and a kind of mid-beams for roads with only a little traffic. The Matrix lighting technology is ready to go on the 2013 Audi A8 big luxury sedan, but don’t hold your breath if you live in the US — when Audi asked the National Highway Transportation Administration for a ruling, the NHTSA demurred, unsure how to fit the square peg of a variable-output, matrix headlamp array into the round hole they call low and high beams. The issue is that in America we’ve never seen a “Mid” beam before, only high and low.

Audi Matrix LED Headlights with "Mid-Beam".

Audi Matrix LED Headlights with “Mid-Beam”.

Audi’s matrix lighting, first shown on the Audi A2 concept car (above) at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, comprises multiple segments that can be turned on or off as conditions warrant. Some elements could be steerable to help drivers go around corners. Combine it with next-generation GPS and the steerable lamp could swivel before you even begin to turn the wheel. Not to mention these headlights may be paired with a photo light sensor that will automatically dim the headlights when approaching other cars on the road at night.

Matrix beams are just a start — the NHTSA needs to prepare itself for more new tech. Audi competitors BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Opel are working hard also on the field called “smart lighting systems”. BMW is even developing laser headlamps. No, not superheated beams like in the movies designed to obliterate other annoying drivers on the road ahead of you…, but white lighting that can be precisely modulated and, unlike death rays, hardly uses any energy.

LED headlamps are only just trickling onto the market — mostly on high-end cars — but now it seems a certain German automaker has plans for laser headlamps. “Laser light is the next logical step in car light development … for series production within a few years in the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid,” says BMW. Lasers have the potential to be simultaneously more powerful, more efficient, and smaller than other headlamp types. Before you get too excited, though: the output of laser headlights will be modulated for safety so you can’t, for better or worse, come up close and bubble the paint of the car in front that won’t get out of the left-hand lane on the interstate.

Prototype Laser Headlights from BMW

Prototype Laser Headlights from BMW

The benefits of a laser headlamp are compelling: a near parallel beam of light (i.e. no glare) 1,000 times more intense than conventional LEDs but with less than half the energy consumption; 170 lumens of output per watt for laser headlamps, compared to 100 lumens per watt for LEDs. Both are phenomenally efficient compared to a standard household light bulb.

The history of headlamps of the past generation has gone from one extreme to another, from the yellowish tungsten glow of incandescent halogen headlamps, to the semi-updated quartz headlamps (longer-lived, brighter) and then to xenon or high-intensity discharge headlamps. Now all of a sudden we are moving into new technology faster than ever, first with full LED lighting, and an immediate quantum leap into lasers! Normally automakers develop and release these types of products in Europe first and the states later on down the road, so don’t hold your breath to see these headlights driving down the streets of Minneapolis, MN anytime soon.

The all new GTR Lighting Tru-Projector Sealed Beam Headlights

This 7" round dual beam projector headlight is available in black or chrome.

This 7″ round dual beam projector headlight is available in black or chrome.








Last year GTR Lighting came out with a new set of replacement sealed beam type headlights and they were pretty decent, but the new generation that was just released in 2013 is really great. These headlight housings allow you to replace your 7″ Round Sealed Beam or 5×7″ Rectangular Sealed Beam headlights with new true projector dual-beam housings that can use a halogen or HID bulb!

Here's a Chevy Camaro with the new 2nd Generation Tru-Projector headlight housings installed!

Here’s a Chevy Camaro with the new 2nd Generation Tru-Projector headlight housings installed!

These headlights come in pairs with bulbs and relay harnesses for quick an easy installation, but you can upgrade from halogen to an HID conversion kit for even better light output. When we tested them it was incredible how much better the lights performed when using HID over halogen!

See for yourself in this video review and demo:

How to install HIDs in 2013 Dodge Ram with Projector Headlights

2013 1500 HID Kit Install

Factory Projector Headlights

The 2013 Dodge Ram is available from your local Dodge dealer with optional factory-installed projector headlights with infra-red/halogen light bulbs. Many people wonder why they didn’t come with factory HID lighting, and even more people are curious if it’s even possible to install an HID conversion kit on this truck! We’ve done the hard work for you and created a detailed write-up on this project here.

You can follow the process step by step to see exactly what parts to use and how the install is actually done! We found that using the new 3rd Genereation CANBUS Pro ballast from GTR Lighting makes the install smooth! We did not need to use any extra parts like a relay harness, resistors, warning canceller module or capacitors – everything is plug and play!

2013 Dodge Ram HID Conversion Kit Install using GTR Lighting CANBUS Ballasts.

2013 Dodge Ram HID Conversion Kit Install using GTR Lighting CANBUS Ballasts.

To see for yourself how to do the install on YOUR factory projector equipped Ram, check out the link below!

HID Install on 2013 Dodge Ram with OEM Projector Headlights!

C5 Corvette HID Projector Headlights

XP3031 Projector Headlights from Starr HID. The perfect blend of style, performance and reliability!

XP3031 Projector Headlights from Starr HID. The perfect blend of style, performance and reliability!

The C5 Corvette is a monster! It’s styling is classy and the power-plant is substantial, so when it comes to picking out headlights for this particular car you want an option that is as classy, powerful and reliable, that’s why I recommend the Starr HID Projector Headlights for the C5 Corvette.

Full HID System - all parts required are included!

Full HID System – all parts required are included!

There are many pop-up delete headlight kits available, but nothing with the “made for the car” look and feel of this Starr HID system which uses OEM quality components and optics to create a “better than stock” functionality. This HID headlight system comes with all of the different components that are required for the install including Left and Right DOT Approved headlight housings, a pair of HID ballasts, HID bulbs, relay harnesses and a full instruction booklet. Because of the optics used in these headlights are larger and built with better clarity than any other C5 headlight available, and the fact that they are designed to OEM specs to work with HIDs which means the light output is brighter, wider and has a more full beam pattern than other headlights.

The beam pattern created by these headlights is perhaps the widest and brightest on the market!

The beam pattern created by these headlights is perhaps the widest and brightest on the market!

The Starr HID projector headlight kit comes with everything required for the install.

The Starr HID projector headlight kit comes with everything required for the install.

If you’re interested in getting a new projector HID headlight system for your C5 Corvette, check out this video review for an in-depth look at this particular headlight system, you won’t regret it!

The best HID Headlights for the H2 Hummer

Simply the best - Starr HID projector headlights!

Simply the best – Starr HID projector headlights!

If you have a Hummer H2 truck, chances are you’re looking to upgrade the beast. Many people put big wheels & tires on them and lift them and do big crazy sound systems inside them, but one of the most impressive upgrades you can do to the H2 Hummer is to install a set of Starr HID Projector Bi-Xenon headlights. These lights are a direct fit for the H2 or H1 Hummer, and they are easily the best quality and the brightest drop-in, plug and play true projector headlight on the market for these trucks!

SR Auto Group took full advantage of “Project Magnum” which is a build they did of an H2 Hummer, now this truck got the works, everything from a roof rack, to wild suspension components, no expense was spared, but you’ll notice that the crowning modification are the headlights. Without these headlights, this wild build would feel… incomplete:

This is project Magnum from SR and they finished this build with the coolest headlights available!

This is project Magnum from SR and they finished this build with the coolest headlights available from Starr HID!

The 7″ round bi-xenon projector headlights from Starr HID are available in both chrome and black versions and utilize real OEM grade (really large!) projectors inside the housings. Their large stature really looks great when fitted on such a vehicle as a Hummer an in terms of light output, you can’t really get any better than this!

This is one mean truck!

This is one mean truck! Starr HID Headlights!

Project Magnum from SR Auto Sports

When you’re trying to build the best truck around, you can’t use anything else than the best headlights.

The Starr HID Hummer H2 Projector Headlights come as a complete kit including 2 housings, 2 HID bulbs, 2 HID ballasts, 2 relay wire harnesses, and install instructions, and yes you can choose between black and chrome too! Did I say that these are the best yet? Not sure – I just don’t want you to miss the point! Please do yourself a favor and don’t buy a silly looking, cheap, set of headlights from eBay for your big awesome truck – do it right and do it once! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

7" Round Projector headlights from Starr HID: Black Version

7″ Round Projector headlights from Starr HID: Black Version

7" Round Projector headlights from Starr HID: Chrome Version

7″ Round Projector headlights from Starr HID: Chrome Version