The Revolution is Here!

So, this will be a short post, I just wanted to tell you about a new website called the Headlight Revolution: This new website is designed to help people break the chains of conventional and boring halogen lighting and introduce the newest, most powerful, cutting edge lighting options for different applications in the world! If you ever need to find the hottest and wildest new lighting products, they WILL be hosted at the Revolution! Check it out here: Continue reading The Revolution is Here!

Where do you go to buy lighting products wholesale?

I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there and I’ll tell you how to buy the best lights in the world, wholesale! This blog is all about automotive lighting products, and the theme is pretty universal- it can apply to industrial work trucks, sport cars, off road trucks or anything you happen to be driving today. The reason I write about these things is because lighting is my life. It’s the only thing my company sells, and I spend the majority of every day thinking about, talking about or selling LIGHTS! I make videos demonstrating the products … Continue reading Where do you go to buy lighting products wholesale?

What’s the best headlight for your Fiero?

The Pontiac Fiero is near and dear to my heart because it was the first “cool car” I had ever owned. I got my first one when I was 18, right after my 1986 Dodge Daytona died on the highway one day. So to match my pride for the Pontiac Fiero with my professional hobby of lighting upgrades just seems like an obvious exercise! I just finished making a video showcasing the most popular and the best (not always the same products) Fiero Headlight Upgrade Options in a video: If you have a Fiero and you are contemplating upgrading the … Continue reading What’s the best headlight for your Fiero?

What’s the difference between HID and Halogen lights?

The original automobiles literally used lamps (glass housing with a candle burning inside) to light the way on the roads, similar to how people would light the way on horseback. And I’m sure you’ve heard of Thomas Edison, who invented the first long-lasting incandescent light bulb in 1879, what most vehicles use in their modern day headlamps are based off of his original designs. A standard light bulb has a filament, and it gets electricity applied to each side of the filament and when this happens the filament gets very hot and reaches a state of incandescence. This is why … Continue reading What’s the difference between HID and Halogen lights?

HID Lighting 101: Just The Basics

  Xenon, or High-Intensity Discharge (HID), lighting provides more light and increases visibility of many peripheral objects (e.g., street signs and pedestrians) left in the shadows produced by standard halogen lighting. HID light sources provide the brightest illumination available and are considered the benchmark against which other forward lighting technologies are measured. HID light sources provide three to four times the light output of standard halogen light sources and promote better driving visibility by providing enhanced peripheral vision and improved down-road illumination. HID lighting can produce a crisp white light that stimulates reflective paint in road markers and signs. HID … Continue reading HID Lighting 101: Just The Basics

10 Things You Didn’t Know About HID Lighting

1) Standard low beams cease to provide enough visibility when driving above 35 to 40 mph. The best case scenario would be for all drivers to use high beams all the time and use technology to keep the light out of oncoming drivers’ eyes. (Osram-Sylvania) 2) ALL headlamps produce glare that can reduce the ability for oncoming drivers to see. (Osram-Sylvania) 3) According to the AAA Foundation’s report, called “Countermeasures for Reducing the Effects of Headlight Glare” (2002), as many as 50 percent of all headlamps on the road, or 110 million  vehicles, may have mis-aimed headlights! Shock, vibration and … Continue reading 10 Things You Didn’t Know About HID Lighting

HOD Bulbs Review – New Hotness or Just a Big Hot Fail?

One of the most common upgrades done in the automotive lighting world is replacing your stock halogen/incandescent headlights with blue halogen/xenon type bulbs. They are still incandescent and they still partially use xenon gas, and sometimes they use more electricity and are rated at a higher power than your original bulbs. Some companies like Putco, Street Glow, Nokya and GP Thunder have done a good job at producing a regular style blue headlight bulb. They look good, the last a decent amount of time, and they are brighter than stock in a plug and play form. Enter the “H.O.D” bulb… … Continue reading HOD Bulbs Review – New Hotness or Just a Big Hot Fail?