Nolden GL-180 7″ Round LED Headlight Review

In the Euro truck community vehicles with 7″ round headlight housings commonly upgrade their stock headlights with the Nolden GL-180 LED headlight. This is a bi-LED housing that is a sealed housing and uses 2 LED sources to create the low beam and high beam.

For a long time it was only possible to get the euro-version that had the beam pattern reversed from what is required for use in the USA. Today you can get this Nolden headlight that is DOT approved for use on American streets and will pass inspection.United Pacific 31300 LED Headlight

The Nolden GL-180 produces 1,800 lumens on low beam and 2,400 lumens on high beam. It was measured at 429 maximum lux at 25 feet, and 981 max lux at 25 feet. Overall this is a very impressive LED headlight option for any vehicle that uses a 7″ round headlight housing like a Jeep Wrangler or a classic car like a 1971 Chevy Camaro.

nolden led headlight low beam
Here is the low beam of the Nolden 7″ round bi-LED headlight housing. You can see it has a DOT approved beam pattern with a sharp cutoff line and the hotspot is centered appropriately in the center near the top of the beam.
nolden led headlight high beam
When you have JUST the high beam on you get this shape. Not the best looking high beam on the market but it is definitely bright enough! This strange looking design is sure to give you some funky shadows on the road, but still way better than stock.


nolden led headlight low beam 2
Just the Nolden low beam on the road.
nolden led headlight high beam 2
Just the Nolden high beam on the road.


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