Best LED Reverse Bulbs for the 2015 Toyota Tundra

You really should upgrade your Toyota Tundra reverse lights to high power LED bulbs to help you see better at night, and to help others see you better when backing up! Watch the video below for even more details!

Did you know that the original philosophy behind reverse light bulbs on a car or truck was not to help the driver see in reverse, but to rather be seen by others? It’s supposed to be an indicator to other drivers that your vehicle is heading in reverse.

As distractions increase all around us it is more important to help others notice your vehicle. High power LED bulbs do just that but with the added benefit of HELPING YOU SEE BEHIND YOU IN THE DARK! It’s true, good LED bulbs will let you actually see what’s behind you better then you ever thought you could at night. It’s an awesome 2-birds-with-1-stone type upgrade! But, beware because not all LED bulbs are created equal! Read more for the details:

installing tundra LED reverse bulbs 2

installing tundra LED reverse bulbs.

gtr lighting lightning series led bulb 2

gtr lighting 80w led bulb 2

So, the big trick here is to know what type of LED bulbs to use. The good people at Headlight Revolution tested 22 different LED bulbs on the new Tundra and found 2 good options that fit good, have long life spans and are incredibly bright!

Lightning Series LED Reverse Light Bulbs for TundraThe first option you’ll find uses the LightNing Series LED bulbs from GTR Lighting. These are a very cool bulb choice because they use the latest COB (chip on board) LED technology and use a focusing lens on the end to help send a lot of light out from the tail light. This is the Level 1 option that is the cheaper of the two if you just want a cool looking LED reverse light but not necessarily the absolute brightest in the world.

2014-2016 Toyota Tundra LEVEL 1 LED Reverse Light Bulb Upgrade Kit



Super bright Tundra LED reverse light bulbsThe second option you’ll find is also from GTR Lighting and uses their brand new “80w” CREE LED bulbs. This is not a “CREE” bulb… but an LED bulb from GTR that uses CREE LED chips on it. And it’s not actually an 80w bulb…. It’s actually closer to a 9 watt bulb… that’s confusing but here’s the explanation: These bulbs use 16 5w LED chips, so the math = 80 watts. But the way the LED bulb circuit is designed they only operate at 9 watts of energy consumption. REGARDLESS – these bulbs are incredibly bright! These are the single brightest bulb for your LED Tundra Reverse Lights in the world. Not kidding, I promise!

2014 – 2016 Toyota Tundra LEVEL 2 LED Reverse Light Bulb Upgrade Kit

Here’s a video to watch that shows how to do the install, and a more in-depth look at the differences between the different bulb options:

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