H7 Halogen bulb with base

How to install H7 LED Headlight Bulbs with Adapters

On many Volkswagen and Audi cars the headlight bulbs are held in place with external clips that have the power wires built into them. This can make installing an aftermarket HID conversion kit difficult because the larger HID bulb doesn’t fit and the new HID bulbs already have wires coming out of them. This same problem exists when trying to install aftermarket LED bulbs, specifically H7 LED headlight bulbs on Volkswagen and Audi vehicles.

H7 Halogen bulb with base
This is what your bulb adapter probably looks like with the original halogen bulb installed.

H7 Halogen bulb with base


GTR Lighting has specific HID bulb adapters to solve this problem when upgrading to HID bulbs. You can find a list of all these adapters here. So could we use the same H7 adapter and make it work of H7 LED headlight bulbs?

H7 HID Bulb with adapter base
This is how the H7 HID bulbs fit. These adapters are specifically designed for HID bulbs, but can be modified to also work with GTR Lighting GEN 2 LED Headlight Bulbs.

H7 HID Bulb with adapter base


Here is what we found: The H7 HID Bulb Adapter, found here, can in fact be used to create proper H7 bulb fitment in Volkswagen and Audi vehicles that have the metal clips to hold in the bulbs. With some slight modifications, this adapter worked great.

H7 LED Headlight bulb with adapter

H7 LED headlight bulb and adapter
The GTR Lighting GEN 2 LED headlight bulbs come apart easily. The thumb screw on top allows the color shield to come off, then you can twist off the H7 style adapter collar.


H7 LED headlight bulb
The H7 style adapter collar from the GTR Lighting GEN 2 LED headlight bulb fits in the HID bulb adapter.
H7 LED Headlight bulb with adapter
When you go to re-install this piece it hits the heat sink of the new LED bulb. These two tabs need to be trimmed.
Modified H7 bulb adapter
Using a bench grinder or a knife, cut down the two tabs on the bottom of the adapter so that they are much shorter and meet the angle of the heat sink on the back side of the LED headlight bulb.

H7 LED bulb with adapter
Here you can see the H7 style adapter collar re-installed on the bulb, with the HID bulb adapter (modified now) also installed. It gets sandwiched between the H7 adapter collar on the LED bulb and the heat sink.


H7 LED headlight bulb with adapter

This method should allow you to install H7 LED headlight bulbs into your car when a bulb adapter is required.


12 thoughts on “How to install H7 LED Headlight Bulbs with Adapters

  1. Hi how bright are these lights? I’ve been trying to do the exact same thing have had the lights for about 4 months and still haven’t gotten around to installing them.

    1. The H7 connector that comes on the LED Headlight Bulbs from GTR Lighting is totally plug and play. If yours doesn’t fit you’re either not using GTR Lighting, or trying to connect it to the wrong part of the wire harness. The H7 connector matches the shape of the OEM bulb, so wherever the OEM glass/metal bulb is plugged into is where your H7 LED plugs into as well.

      1. I may be misunderstanding how the headlight bulbs on my VW are powered. My stock bulbs plug into the stock bulb socket. When screwed into the headlight housing the metal clips connect into the vehicle’s power supply (as pointed to in the first picture above). I have factory halogen headlights, not HID bulbs.

        Since the GTR adapter has a hole which the longer LED bulb goes through, the female H7 connection no longer exists on the adapter. However there are two male spade terminals sticking through the GTR adapter that are bent down (9th picture above) that would need to be connected to the male spade terminals of the LED bulb pigtail. My VW doesn’t have a female H7 pigtail attached to the vehicle harness.

        Any clarification would be great. Perhaps I’m over thinking this.

      2. Hi Omar, the 2014 Passat stock H7 headlight clips on to the plastic adapter that twists into place on the back side of the headlight housing, and provides electricity for the bulb to work. When you install an LED bulb, (or HID for that matter) in this case that original plastic adapter with wiring in it doesn’t go away… It’s still just floating there inside the headlight housing. The connection that the new LED or HID bulbs come with will then plug into the original adapter/wire connector that used to hold the bulb in place. Now you just have two bulb adapters within the headlight. One to hold the new bulb in place, and the other acts as the wiring only now.

      3. Hey Omar, it’s Matt from above. My stock bulb socket does not have any wiring attached to it as described in the above reply. I’m assuming yours does not either. I still haven’t gotten around to installing LED headlight bulbs, however I think I do have a solution to our problems. I ordered H7 Wiring Harness Ceramic Female Bulb Socket Adapters that I plan to solder/shrink wrap female spade connectors onto. I will then attach these to the bent down male spades in the 9th picture above and plug the bulb’s male H7 pigtail into the female H7 socket. If the polarity for the LED bulb is reversed I can just switch the wires going to the modified GTR socket adapter.

      4. Hey there guys, Matt, don’t do that, take a look at this kit that I just bought it arrives today and I will let you know if it works, I don’t think you need to do any of that because what I bought should work, take a look at this link and again I will reply to let you know if it has worked or not it’s very cheap. If you start messing with the headlight you could screw it up and then will be a much bigger problem and it will cost a lot. I carefully carefully carefully looked it over and matched every single inch and centimeter of the shape of my OEM plastic to this one. Everything seems to match I might have to clip the ends but it should work hopefully. And the best part is, it even latches on to the original Electricity of the car


  2. Hi there a lot of BMW Z4 drivers who would like an easy plug and play adaptor the original is just a metal clip that converts the H7 into a twist in should be cheap to manufacture and there is a very high probability of profit for the first company to produce this, they are available for HID but the led are too big too fit

    1. Hi Dave, I agree with you that this would be a great product to have, and I can tell you that I’ve started seeing this type of thing come to the market. However, it’s not like HID bulbs where they are all shaped the same. Each LED headlight bulb company needs to make their own version of it that fits the shape of their own bulb since they are all different. I think it will be a little while longer before this type of thing is mainstream and available for all LED kits.

  3. Hello, Interesting article. Do you have a LED replacement for the stock H7 Bulbs? The LED Heat Sinks would appear to be too large to fit into the stock H7 bulb retainer rings. Are there special adapters that can be purchased for a 2010 B6 VW Passat? I’d love to mount a LED System if available. TIA

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