jw speaker 9049 light bar

The World’s Only DOT Approved Street Legal LED Light Bar

JW Speaker DOT Approved LED Light Bar
JW Speaker DOT Approved LED Light Bar

If you’ve been looking for light bars for your vehicle, you’ll see that most all of them are for off-road use only.  The JW Speaker Model 9049-M light bar is the is the first of its kind: it was designed with on road driving as an option. When first released, the 9049 was even labeled as DOT approved. This statement was later retracted as the light bar was said to be three individual lights. In most states, a driver can have at most four driving lights on at a time. The JW Speaker 9049 light bar creates a wide, low, fog light beam pattern unlike off-road light bars. The Model 9049 3-module version is the very first light bar that is legal for use on-road and will not blind oncoming traffic when mounted! For those looking for a unique light bar, this three-module version of the Model 9049 features three fog lights rather than three driving lights for a unique and effective beam pattern. Watch the video below to get a full review of the 9049 light bar.

6 thoughts on “The World’s Only DOT Approved Street Legal LED Light Bar

  1. The light bar is not approved, a light can only emit 55w of power… and realistically it is 3 lights. I wish but sorry.

    1. Hi Jack, what you’ve said should be classified as misinformation. “55w” does not describe the amount of power “emitted” from a light. It has to do with how much energy the light uses. This 55w statement has zero to do with light output, so that doesn’t even make sense. Light legality is based on output and color, specifically Lumens, Candela, and Kelvin; please do some research on these terms so you understand more about lighting since you are obviously interested in it! I’m not trying to be mean, just some friendly correction.

      Here is some more specific detail on the legality of the JW Speaker 9049-3M light bar:

    1. Hi Richard, this article was written in October of 2014. At that time JW Speaker was the first company to pave the way for street legal light bars. It was still over 12 months until Rigid Industries released their first SAE approved LED light bar. Feel free to put your Rigid Dually’s against this bar, but that’s not really the point. 🙂

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