HID Headlight Solution for 2014 Ford Fusion

Many people have been trying to install an HID conversion kit into the new 2014 Ford Fusion and have been running into a bunch of HID issues. Most of the time what happens is after the install you will test the lights and they work fine, but then when you start the engine to drive the car the headlights no longer work at all. We have tried several different types of ballasts and none of them work except for the brand new GEN 4 CANBUS ballast from GTR Lighting. This new series of ballasts (The Hylux Series) features the newest CANBUS integration technology in the market and works as a plug and play option for the new Ford Fusion. It can be expected that the new GEN 4 CANBUS ballast from GTR Lighting will work for any new Ford vehicle with similar CANBUS issues.

HID Issues are Solved with the Hylux ballast from GTR Lighting
HID Issues are Solved with the Hylux ballast from GTR Lighting

We tried a ballast from Morimoto, the 3rd gen ballast from GTR Lighting, a ballast from DDM tuning and a cheap eBay ballast we had laying around and they all did the same thing, worked with the engine off and as soon as the engine was started they quit working. This happens because the CANBUS system is activated on these cars to start controlling and monitoring the headlights once you start the engine to drive it. The ONLY ballast that was totally plug and play, NO extra parts, NO splicing or cutting – just plug it in and go, was the new GEN 4 ballast from GTR.

GTR Lighting GEN 4 CANBUS Ballasts are called the "Hylux Series" and are plug and play on new Ford vehicles for doing HID Conversion Kits.
GTR Lighting GEN 4 CANBUS Ballasts are called the “Hylux Series” and are plug and play on new Ford vehicles for doing HID Conversion Kits.

Simple solution, buy that ballast and use it with any HID bulbs that fit your Ford for a no-hassle solution! Easy. The Hylux series ballasts come in a 25w, a 35w and a 55w version, you can learn more about these ballasts and purchase them for your HID install here. It is safe to say that ANY of the new Hylux ballasts will work seeing as they all use the same CANBUS module integration. This is great news because for a long time the only good CANBUS ballasts out there were only available in 35w and now you can get a really high quality CANBUS ballast in any power level from GTR Lighting.

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  1. Thanks for the useful info! I installed a cheaper (much cheaper) hid kit on my 2014 ford fusion 3 months ago and every time I would turn my turn signal on my drivers side headlight would turn off and I’d have to refire my headlights to turn them back on. I just received my 55w gen4 ballasts from GTR Lighting and the difference in performance is amazing. My lights are brighter and actually stay on when they’re supposed to! Definitely worth every penny!

  2. I need help! I want to install hid on my 2014 Ford Fusion but I had a bad first experience. Just like the person above me my left side would turn off with my signal. Also the guys hooked the lights to my battery and it drained my battery out. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be done that way?

    1. Hi, nothing should have to be wired to the battery. If you used the HID ballasts that we recommend in this post you’ll have no issues and the install will be very easy. I think you’re running into a simple situation where you bought the wrong lights for your car. You need what is recommended in the above post. It’s the only thing that works in the new Fusion.

  3. I installed HIDs on my 2015 Ford Fusion they all worked with the car off. So I put the car back together and when I started it up I noticed that just the passenger side worked if i pop the hood and unplug a ballast then plug it back in I can sometimes get both low beams to work but thats it and any change will cause both low beams to go off. I installed HID kits in my Fogs/highs/lows I cant afford to purchase 6 Gen 4 ballasts and could really use some advice. I ordered “canceller Cables” in the hopes those will fix the issue. please help

    1. I’m sorry that you don’t think you can “afford” it, but I’m telling you those GEN 4 Hylux ballasts are the only thing that will work on that car. Sorry. Either you have to run halogens, or do the GEN 4 Hylux ballasts from GTR Lighting. We’ve already proven that it works. You will have bad luck trying to get away with a cheap alternative. How much did your car cost? You really want something junky installed in it?

  4. The turn signal only effects the headlight when the switch is in the automatic position, and it’s light out. What happens during the day is the headlights turn on when you come out of park. If you turn you turn signal on that side headlight turns off. There is a small mound on the top center of your dash that senses the light. A piece of electrical tape tricks this sensor into thinking its always night and no problem with headlight/turn signal.

    1. Thanks for the input! Sounds like you are describing a method to disable the Automatic DRL headlight function.

  5. I purchased HID Ballast (CANBUS) H11 bulb (5k) for my 2014 Ford Fusion and I have the same problem with the left light going out. If I buy the gen 4 hylux ballasts will it work with the lights I purchased?

    1. That is the reason that I’ve said the GEN 4 Hylux ballasts by GTR Lighting are the only ones that will work on this vehicle without extra parts. The bulbs should be universal and work with any ballast. The important part is that you get the right ballasts.

  6. I have a 2013 Fusion and I use a Morimoto relay harness with the HIDs and it works fine. The only problem is RF interference which affects weaker radio stations. I heard that the GTR Gen 4’s would eliminate this but I can’t afford them right now. I tried the ferrite beads to no avail.

    1. Doing a relay harness is really not required if you use the proper ballast. GTR Lighting GEN 4 Hylux is where it’s at for this car! Many people have tried different options without much luck, while the GTR G4 Hylux works perfectly every time.

  7. Okay so I ah e had pretty much all the same issues with hid ballast as the other posts below have described. My only question is, since y’all are offering the canbus ballast as a plug and play option for the Ford Fusion do any fuses that to be replaced to support the higher wattage consumption of the canbus ballast?

    1. Joshua, a 35w HID ballast draws less than a traditional halogen light bulb. A 35w HID kit draws about 5 amps per bulb, whereas the regular 55w halogen bulbs draw about 9 amps of power per bulb. Therefore, the idea that HID draws more power and requires a larger fuse is incorrect.

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