2013 – 2014 Dodge Ram HID Kit Install Guide

We just revamped our 2013 – 2014 Dodge Ram HID Kit Install Guide for download here. This revised installation guide tells you how to remove the headlights from your 2013 and 2014 Ram trucks, how to remove the dust cover, how to install the bulbs, test and do the wiring. There’s even a section in the install guide for troubleshooting at the end! NOTE: 2015 Ram trucks that use the exact same headlights require a different install method than 2013 and 2014!! This is because in 2015 Dodge changed the headlight control system and there is currently no plug and … Continue reading 2013 – 2014 Dodge Ram HID Kit Install Guide

The Difference Between H16 and 5202 Bulbs

If you go to the PIAA.com website store and look at their H16 replacement halogen light bulbs for cars and trucks you will see this picture. PIAA, an automotive lighting superpower in the aftermarket world, is one of the few replacement light bulb companies out there who has gotten this right! The H16 automotive light bulb is part of the H9/H11 bulb family and it is very similar to H8, H9, H11 and H15. It is characterized by having a traditional right-angled style connector input base, a large rubber o-ring below the metal tabs and 3 metal tabs spaced evenly … Continue reading The Difference Between H16 and 5202 Bulbs

New LED Headlight Technology Explained

If you’re like most enthusiasts, you want to know what’s new and exciting coming to the marketplace and new headlight and fog light technology is no exception! I want to show you some information about a wild new product that I believe (within 4 years time or less) will revolutionize the automotive forward-lighting industry! Most car people have already heard of, and many have tried, the HID conversion kit available from many different places. Today they are commonplace at car shows and city streets. Until now an HID conversion kit has been pretty much the only product available for noticeably … Continue reading New LED Headlight Technology Explained

Difference between HID and LED Conversion Kits

For a long time if you wanted to update your headlights to something brighter or a different color than stock the only option was to install an HID conversion kit, and this product has really been the only decent option for about 10 years now. In late 2013 a new product was announced by GTR Lighting that is set to shape the headlight landscape for the foreseeable future! I’d like to introduce to you the LED conversion kit and hopefully explain to you what the difference between this new LED kit product is when compared to an HID kit.   … Continue reading Difference between HID and LED Conversion Kits