Are LED Headlights Legal?

Many consumers are concerned with whether or not the headlights they are interested in will pass an inspection or be considered “DOT Approved”. It’s a safe bet that if your headlights are rated as “DOT approved” then yes they are legal to use. Many headlight products seem like they are just as good as others because of a certain Lumen rating or quality control, but a true head light should have two main characteristics: Have a separate low beam and high beam (or only one beam) Have some kind of focus of the beam pattern so it doesn’t blind other … Continue reading Are LED Headlights Legal?

Is LED superior to HID?

When trying to decide which auxiliary off-road lighting or headlights for your vehicle, nowadays it’s a tough choice whether or not to go with HID or LED. For HID there are some reasonable options that are cost-effective when comparing to LED. However, HID cannot hold a candle to LED’s power consumption and lifespan. For headlights, it all depends on the application and your desired effect. If you have a Jeep Wrangler, semi truck or an older vehicle that uses sealed beam headlights, then you can use LED headlights, or several different HID options. Starr HID makes vehicle specific projector HID … Continue reading Is LED superior to HID?

What are LED Headlights?

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode” and the technology has come leaps and bounds in just last last couple of years, and every 6 months or so the potential for LED forward lighting proves to be more and more the new industry leader. 10 years ago the idea of an LED headlight was unheard of because the only thing LEDs were being used for were indicators in electronic devices and they didn’t make nearly enough light output to be used to actually see anything with. Back in the day, way back when, one of the first types of automobile or … Continue reading What are LED Headlights?

Jeep Wrangler Specific LED Fog Lights? Yes! They’re here!

On April, 3rd 2013, American manufacturer JW Speaker Corp. announced they are working on a new LED fog light product designed specifically for the Jeep Wrangler JK: “As promised, we unveiled our latest Jeep product at Easter Jeep Safari last week! Introducing the new drop-in replacement LED Jeep fog light…a little something we’re calling the Model 6145!” JW Speaker also said “On the flickering side of things, we’ve tested the new fog light with the Jeep PWM duty cycle and frequency and we’re pleased to say that no flickering was present” so there is no worry about the strobe effect … Continue reading Jeep Wrangler Specific LED Fog Lights? Yes! They’re here!

The Revolution is Here!

So, this will be a short post, I just wanted to tell you about a new website called the Headlight Revolution: This new website is designed to help people break the chains of conventional and boring halogen lighting and introduce the newest, most powerful, cutting edge lighting options for different applications in the world! If you ever need to find the hottest and wildest new lighting products, they WILL be hosted at the Revolution! Check it out here: Continue reading The Revolution is Here!