JW Speaker 8800 4×6″ LED Headlights

165mm rectangular LED Headlights
The #8800 LED Headlight from JW Speaker is a 4×6″ rectangular LED headlight replacement housing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… LED technology is taking over the world! The incredible light output reached by LED forward lighting products today is nearly as potent as any xenon product of any style, and it won’t be much longer until LED is king of the hill in every regard. Because I see the future of lighting technology trending towards Light Emitting Diodes, I want you to see this headlight, developed and manufactured in America, by a company called JW Speaker, from Wisconsin. J.W. Speaker produces high-end LED lighting products for industrial, commercial and aftermarket purposes.

Dual LED Headlights JW Speaker 8800
LED Headlights are commonly found in older vehicles and modern day semi trucks.

The majority of the LED headlights JW Speaker is making are designed to replace old style sealed beam headlight housings with new LED technology. This is because one of the largest lighting industries in the world still use standardized sealed beam type headlights: Semi trucks and military vehicles. This industrial market fuels the growth of LED headlight development, and although there are still not many 4×6″ rectangular LED headlights available, this one is the best.

Introducing the JW Speaker Model #8800 4×6 LED Headlight

6 thoughts on “JW Speaker 8800 4×6″ LED Headlights

  1. im wanting to get jw speaker 8800 2x low 2xhi bea
    m are they left or right hand drive. i need to get ard approved for australia or maked (E) on the light it self. thanks brodie

    1. Hi Brodie, they are not left/right specific. The low beams are all the same and the high beams are all the same. The only difference is if you need “RHT” or “LHT”. Right Hand Traffic or Left Hand Traffic. For example in America we need Right Hand Traffic, but our cars are Left Hand Drive.

      The “Traffic” word refers to which side of the road you drive on. If you need the (E) Marked lights though you need to get them from an authorized dealer that can sell that style. We recommend contacting a company called Mobile Centre. They can sell you the E-Code version of the lights that are legal to use in your country.

  2. Hi I bought a set of 8800 lights and during summer they were incredible. However I got into a pretty good snowstorm in northern Alberta and had a heck of a time being snowblinded by the white lights reflecting off the driving snow. Can you provide a solution for this?

    1. Hi Don, it’s true that the 8800 headlights are some of the best on the market. Did you see they upgraded them this year to be even brighter? Check it out here:

      The problem with what you’re facing is kind of funny because the brighter you make your headlights the worse they will be in snow. It doesn’t matter if you are running JW Speaker, United Pacific, GTR Lighting, or halogen high power bulbs… They will all reflect off of the snow. More light = more reflection. The solution is fairly simple though:
      1. Add some medium-powered lights near your headlights that have a yellow light output. These are a good option because you can add yellow lenses to them:
      If your light is yellow it won’t have such a reflective effect in snow.

      2. For winter storm driving, try adding a yellow tint to your 8800’s. Here’s a 4×6 sheet designed just for those headlights, available in yellow:

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