New! Universal 10 Watt LED Daytime Running Lights by GTR Lighting

Daytime Running Lights

The new High Power LED Daytime Running Light Kit is here!

I’m really happy to announce that the new high power LED DRL kit from GTR Lighting has finally launched, and there is even a new promo video! GTR Lighting used to have a different DRL product but it was kind of small and not very bright, but today both of those problems have been rectified. The new DRL kit uses 5 super bright 1 watt LEDs per side, and has a universal wire harness that has only 3 wires (power, ground and headlights) so they are really easy to install. The great thing about these DRLs is that you can use them s actual daytime running lights so they turn off when the headlights turn on, or wire them in custom so they are on or off whenever you want.

nissan altima led DRL

2005 Nissan Altima sporting the new GTR Lighting LED DRL kit, along with matching HID headlights & fog lights!

Not only do these LEDs look great and put out a lot of light, they are also extremely similar to a particular Philips model of LED module but these ones sell for about half the cost. Without further adieu, here is the new GTR Lighting DRL Promo video!

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