350z HID Bulb Upgrades

Does your Nissan 350z come with the optional xenon headlight package from the factory? The early year 350z, from 2003 until 2005, came with an optional HID low beam and a halogen high beam. If it didn’t come with facotry HID lows, then it had both high and low beam halogen lights. The later years, 2006+, came with only one style of headlights that employed a bi-xenon projector headlight. I just want to talk about the 350z cars that came with factory xenon bulbs. All years and sub-models of the 350z came with projector headlights. The early style was single … Continue reading 350z HID Bulb Upgrades

Nissan 350z Rear LED Conversion

One of the fastest ways to improve the appearance of a great car like the Nissan 350z is to change the light bulbs, which from the factory are incandescent light bulbs. A sports car like the Nissan 350z deserves all of the luxury upgrades possible, and that means changing out the original light bulbs with LED technology! At TLG-Auto we have taken a stock Nissan 350z and replaced all of the original lights with LED replacements, documented it and created different packages so you can upgrade all of your lights to LED. Here are the different LED upgrades for the … Continue reading Nissan 350z Rear LED Conversion

JW Speaker 8700 LED Headlight Review

Recently I took the time to review a set of black-housing JW Speaker model #8700, 7″ Round LED Headlights. Needless to say I was blown away with the quality, style, and output. First some quick stats: 1,200 lumen light output, available in black and chrome housings, high and low beam function, 2.5amp current draw at 12 volts DC. The smooth and powerful light output features a wide sweep from left to right and no distracting hot spots or lines that create shadows on the road. The light output on low beam leaves nothing to be desired, and high beam doesn’t … Continue reading JW Speaker 8700 LED Headlight Review

Inexpensive 7″ Round LED Headlights by Truck-Lite

In 2009 Truk-Lite introduced the FIRST 100% LED HEADLIGHT replacement housing for all 7″ round headlight housings. This headlight is called the “Phase 6″ or part number 27250C and uses 5 LED chips for high beam and 5 LED chips for low beam and drawing a maximum 4.5amps at 12 volts DC, all working together to produce up to 1,350 lumens of output light! This is very impressive, about 400 lumens brighter than most stock headlights and a plug and play LED alternative. As you can see from the video it has good light output, but it is dwarfed by … Continue reading Inexpensive 7″ Round LED Headlights by Truck-Lite

Starr HID Offers OEM Performance with Aftermarket Flair!

Recently I reviewed a set of Starr HID 7″ Round Bi-Xenon replacement Housings, part number HID-XP6024. The thing that I like about these lights the most is not only do they use OEM Philips brand components, including D1S xenon bulbs, but they also LOOK AWESOME! I mean, check out this Hummer H2 with the Starr HID headlights: The next best thing about these headlights has got to be the light output. Many consumers of fine lighting products already know that an HID conversion kit in a halogen/reflector style headlight doesn’t work as well as an OEM xenon system because that … Continue reading Starr HID Offers OEM Performance with Aftermarket Flair!

What’s the Difference Between D1C and D3C?

Since the late 1990’s some automobile manufacturers like Ford, Audi and Mercedes Benz have been using xenon high intensity discharge headlights as an option for consumers when buying a new vehicle and the most common OEM HID bulb had been the D1 series bulb. First there was D1R (for reflector housings) then there was D1S (for shielded housings AKA projectors). The “R” type bulbs have a painted section designed to block light output to a certain part of the housing thus helping to create a safe output pattern. The “S” type bulbs have nothing on the bulb itself because the … Continue reading What’s the Difference Between D1C and D3C?

HID Reverse Lights – Blind From Behind!

Many folks that talk upgrading your reverse lights to anything other than stock is a waste of time because LED doesn’t put out enough light and HID takes too long to warm up. I am here to tell you today that that is WRONG! Sure sometimes LED bulbs aren’t as bright as the stock reverse lights but they look cool. Normally when working with a standard 35w HID conversion kit they will be WILDLY brighter than stock but they do take a little while to warm up, and by that time you’ve already finished backing up and into drive again … Continue reading HID Reverse Lights – Blind From Behind!

Exciting LED Headlight Technology – JW Speaker Brand

2 Years ago, LED Headlights were a fantasy – today they are a legitimate option for many automotive enthusiasts! With the help from JW Speaker Corp, a Wisconsin/USA manufacturer, it is now a possibility! LED headlights absolutely annihilate halogen lighting options in every category! Less electricity consumption, more efficient, less heat output, more lumen output, better looking! Because of recent advances in LED technology, and optics research and design, many consumers can replace halogen headlights with LED. Check out this review on a new Chrysler/Jeep Chinese Design Concept vehicle from AutoBlog: http://www.autoblog.com/photos/chrysler-and-jeep-chinese-design-concepts/#photo-4947767/ The JW Speaker 7″ round LED Headlights fit … Continue reading Exciting LED Headlight Technology – JW Speaker Brand