How to put 2006+ headlights on my 2003 – 2005 350z

The headlights on the 350z came in two styles, early model and late model. From 2003 – 2005 the 350z had a weak hybrid-projector low beam that could come with HID or halogen bulbs. But in 2006 and on Nissan upgraded to a new style of headlight that uses a single bi-xenon HID projector system. This newer model headlight looks better and has better light output.

Nissan 350z headlights

Watch the video below to see how to remove the headlights from your car.

In the first part of this video you can see how the headlights are removed from the vehicle and see that the bulkhead wire connector for both styles of headlights are identical! To upgrade your headlights from your original 2003 – 2005 headlights is as simple as getting your hands on a set of OEM 2006+ headlights, and replacing your original headlights. There is no modification necessary. They are totally plug and play! If your original headlights didn’t have original HID headlights, but you want 2006+ HID headlights, it’s fine – it’s still plug and play. A good place to find OEM 2006-2009 350z HID headlights is eBay, Amazon or a 350z forum.

What is the best D2S, D2R or D2C HID bulb to use?

When looking at D2 HID bulbs, it can be tricky to determine which bulb you need. Do I need a D2S, D2C, or D2R? The difference between D2S and D2R is that D2S HID bulbs are designed to be used in a projector headlight application and D2R is made for a reflector application. D2R has a painted shield on it as to where the D2S doesn’t. The D2R HID bulbs have a painted section on the glass because otherwise there would be too much glare in a reflector housing, it acts as a type of deflector to only let the HID light shine in some directions, it also helps to reduce the amount of yellow light that is seen in the light output. The manufacturer of these D2 series HID bulbs has certain notches cut out of the base of each bulb making it impossible to accidentally install a D2R bulb into a D2S housing, and vice versa. The keyways only accept the proper bulb.

A D2C HID bulb on the other hand is the universal version of this bulb. It has the notches cut out to fit either a D2R or D2S HID housing:


When looking at HID bulbs, one important feature to look for is how the glass is attached to the bulb. Higher quality HID bulbs have a metal structure around the base of the glass where it attaches to the base. This metal structure helps to keep the glass in place and to stay in better alignment. Any shifting of the glass bulb inside of the housing will effect the headlights beam pattern.

D2c HID bulbs from GTR Lighting

As you can see the GTR Lighting D2C HID bulb is a direct copy of the OEM HID bulb. One major difference in the GTR Lighting bulb versus the OEM bulb is that the GTR Lighting HID bulbs come in different colors. OEM bulbs are available in only one or two colors like 4,300K (whitish yellow). GTR Lighting HID bulbs are available in colors anywhere from 3,000K (golden) to 12,000K (purple).

GTR Lighting D2C HID bulb

Truck-Lite 4×6 LED Headlights

Available September 2015 HERE

Truck-Lite developed and brought to market the world’s first 100% LED sealed beam style 7″ round H6024 headlight a decade ago, and since then they have been a leader in the LED headlight market around the world! The Truck-Lite company now has a second generation of 5×7″ LED sealed beam headlight replacements, and 7″ round LED sealed beam headlight replacements and in September of 2015 they will be releasing the all new 4×6″ LED headlight sealed beam replacement.

This new sealed beam replacement style headlight will be a plug and play upgrade for anyone running 4" x 6" sealed beam style housings, high beam and low beam will be separate.

This new sealed beam replacement style headlight will be a plug and play upgrade for anyone running 4″ x 6″ sealed beam style housings, high beam and low beam will be separate.

Semi trucks, tractor trailers, cars, tractors and light trucks have been using the 1A1 and 2A1 style (4×6″) headlights for ages, and this year a new LED version will be available! These new LED headlights from Truck-Lite should sell for less than $200 each.

The system will offer a beam pattern with improved width and longer reach in a build that is designed to be lightweight.  The LED lighting provides several improvements over alternatives including longer life, better lumen maintenance and improved color.

A 9-33v multi-volt design ensures that the 4×6 LED headlight system works with any vehicle that uses industry standard 4×6-inch cutouts including buses, off-road vehicles and medium-duty trucks. With proper mounting, the headlights exceed FMVSS-108 and CMVSS-108 DOT requirements for both low and high beam performance.

“Our goal is to get LED lighting and its safety benefits into as many vehicles as possible. Truck-Lite received feedback from the market that there was a demand for this, and we’re thrilled to respond so quickly, and with such a high-caliber product,” said Brian Kupchella, president and COO.