Subaru BRZ / Scion FRS LED Light Bar Install

Have you ever seen a light bar on a truck and thought it would be cool to have one on your car? Well, that’s exactly what was done to this 2014 Subaru BRZ! If anything, a high powered off road light just brings this little Subaru one step closer to it’s rally racing heritage! This a GTR Lighting 22” Tactical LED light bar. This light bar produces nearly 11,000 lumens of light and uses 132 watts of energy! This light bar from GTR Lighting can be lit in different configurations: just the outside, just the inside, or all sections together to light up the whole bar. The center section used 6 10w LEDs, and the outer sections use 24 5w LEDs.

GTR LED lightbar installed on Subaru BRZ

GTR LED lightbar installed on Subaru BRZ

GTR LED lightbar installed on Subaru BRZ
In this blog we won’t take you through every single step of the install, but we want to show you what it takes. To take off the bumper there is a series of bolts along the top that need to come off, and in each wheel well liner the Philips-head clips need to be removed. Underneath, the lower engine tray is connected to the bottom lip of the bumper with plastic clips that also need to be removed. At that point, the whole bumper can be removed to gain access to the bumper support behind the grille where we will attach the light bar.

The light bar was installed by drilling holes bumper support for the mounting bolts to attach. We ran a bolt up with a spacer so the light bar would clear the lip. The hole on the front allows for a location to put the nut on the bolt to hold the light bar in place. The trick was to take a lot of measurements to get the light bar centered and to drill just once.

GTR Lighting LED Light bar

GTR Lighting LED Light bar

The wiring goes up and underneath the headlight. The harness we created runs to the battery and through the firewall into the BRZ interior through pre-existing rubber grommet on the firewall. The rubber grommet is huge and has plenty of room to run our new light bar relay harness. With the wire harness running inside the car, we were able to install some GTR Lighting Halo Switches in the center console.

BRZ wiring harness install

GTR Lighting LED Light bar

Watch the video from Black Top Racing here to see more details about how to install an LED light bar on your Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S!

What are the differences between early and late model 350z headlights?

The 2003 – 2005 350z headlights came with 2 light bulbs and the option of an HID bulb for low beam or a standard halogen bulb for low beam. The high beams are always the same though in this early style headlight. The configurations you can see on the 03-05 350z headlight are: H7 halogen low beam with H7 halogen high beam. Or D2S HID low beam with H7 halogen high beam. Also, the early model projector is a type of hybrid projector unit.

The 2006 – 2009 350z headlight only comes as one style, and that’s a single, large, bi-xenon (dual beam) projector assembly utilizing a 35w D2S HID bulb. This headlight has a motorized shutter inside that allows the single projector to create 2 beam patterns for your high and low beam function.

Nissan 350z headlights

In this video we go in depth discussing all the details of these two styles of Nissan 350z headlight housings, what it takes to upgrade them, replace bulbs, and remove them from the vehicle for maintenance:

Here are the different headlight bulb upgrade options for the 2003 – 2005 and the 2005-2009 350z headlights.


How to remove 350z headlights

The best way we found to change the headlight bulbs in your 350z is to completely remove your headlight housings. To do that, you’ll need to remove the bumper. It is possible to get access to the back side of your headlight through the wheel well, but you don’t have much space to work in and the actual replacement job is more difficult this way. if you take the headlights off the car you can easily do a good job at replacing your Nissan 350z headlight bulbs or upgrading your blinker bulbs to LED.

  1. Start by pulling back the front fender liner on both sides of the car.
  2. Reach behind the bumper next to the front wheels and remove the two 10mm bolts attached on the both sides on the bumper. These bolts face up, and connect the top corner of the bumper to the bottom corner of the fender.
  3. Locate and remove the six plastic clips on the top of the bumper under the hood.
  4. At the bottom lip of the bumper locate and remove eight 10mm blots that hold the splash shield.

With the front bumper removed, removing the headlights is easy.

removing 350z headlights 6

removing 350z headlights 7


Remove the four bolts: two on the bottom, one on the top, and one on the side.

removing 350z headlights 8

removing 350z headlights 9

There is one large bulk head connector that all of your headlight wires plug into that needs to be disconnected. With the headlight housings removed, its really easy to get at your 350z bulbs to change them. Are you looking for new bulbs that are brighter or have a better color? Find 350z headlight bulb replacements and upgrades here. And watch the video below to see the different headlight options and differences.