Jeep LED Fog Light Upgrades: Review of the Four Best Options.

If you are looking to upgrade your Jeep Wrangler JK fog lights, you’ve probably thought about making the switch to LED. Here is a video that talks about four of the most popular LED fog light options for the Jeep JK. This video will walk you through all the specs of the different LED fog lights, show you the pros and cons, and walk you through the installation of each light in a Jeep Wrangler JK front bumper. The video does go in-depth on each LED light, so we’ve broken the video down for you. After watching this video you’ll be ready to make the choice of what LED fog light is best for your Jeep JK.

This video reviews the Truck-Lite 80275, the JW Speaker 6045, the JW Speaker 6145, and the Vision X 2″ 10w Solstice Solo.


The first two LED Fog Lights reviewed for the Jeep JK are the Truck-Lite 80275, and the JW Speaker 6045. Both of these LED Lights are PAR36, 4.5″ lights, and as you can see from the video, both of these lights use extra brackets to mount them from behind the JK bumper. At 8:34 you can watch the steps to install both of these lights.

PAR36 LED fog light mounting bracket


Here’s a quick look at the specifications of the Truck-Lite 80275 and the beam pattern it gives off. The 80275 is a great cost saving option for new LED fog lights especially if you already have the Truck-lite LED headlights.

truck lite fog lighttruck lite fog light beam pattern


Here’s a quick look at the specifications of the JW Speaker 6045 and the huge beam pattern it gives off.

JW Speaker 6045 LED Fog lightjw speaker 6045 beam pattern



These next two options are great because they have built in brackets for an easy behind the bumper installation. These are the JW Speaker 6145, and the Vision X 2″ 10w Solstice Solo. At 18:54 you can watch the mounting of these two lights in a Jeep bumper.

Jeep LED Fog Lights with built in mounting


Here’s a look at the specifications of the JW Speaker 6145. The design is a little smaller than the 6045 predecessor, but that allows the light to fit just as well as the original stock fog light housing. Here you’ll also see the impressive beam pattern that has a great color.

JW Speaker 6145 LED Fog Lightjw speaker 6145 beam pattern



And the last LED fog light reviewed is the Vision X 2″ 10w Solstice Solo. Here you’ll see the specs and the beam pattern. This fog light was designed for off-road use and gives off a long beam of direct light.

10W Vision X Solstice Solo LED Fog Light10W Vision X Solstice Solo LED Fog Light beam pattern


If you want to look at more pictures and pricing of any of these fog light options, check out the Jeep Wrangler section at Headlight Revolution here.

Here is the full video:


How to Roof Mount Install the new Vision X 51″ XPI LED Light Bar

Have you seen this new LED light bar technology from Vision X? They’ve invented a light bar that uses individual reflector style LED optics instead of the traditional style, and THEY ARE NOT ALL STRAIGHT! This is a totally innovative way to design a light bar, just check out the effect when turned on:

The other thing that is different about the new XPI series of LED light bar is the mounting method. There was no option for side / end-cap mounting, only with the supplied brackets, and these supplied brackets are not designed to mount on the roof using an N-Fab bracket kit, so we got creative and made it work! Here’s how we did it:


Vision X 51" XPI LED Light Bar install parts

These are the install parts that came with the Vision X 51″ XPI LED Light Bar.

The Vision X 51" XPI LED Light Bar mounting

The Vision X 51″ XPI LED Light Bar comes with two options for mounting. Bottom style “foot” mounting like this.

The Vision X 51" XPI LED Light Bar

This second option is installing mounting feet to both ends.


We wanted to do something a little different. With roof brackets already installed on the Tundra, we wanted to do a roof mount install. If you’re like us and want to install the Vision X  XPI LED Light Bar on your roof, keep reading and we’ll show you what we did.

Bolt size for the Vision X  XPI LED Light Bar

By bringing the Vision X bolt that was included with the XPI light bar to the hardware store, we were able to find its size. M6x1.0

Bolt size for the Vision X  XPI LED Light Bar Bolt

The bolt we decided on was a Hex Flange Bolt, M6 x 1.0P x 16mm

Bolt and washers for the Vision X  XPI LED Light Bar Bolt

We also picked up some locking washers and a pair of heavy duty Grade 8 washers (not pictured here).

Bolt and washers for the Vision X  XPI LED Light Bar Bolt

On the right you’ll see the bolt that was included with the XPI light bar. The one on the left is the one we put together. We wanted something stronger and longer to support a roof mount install.

lock tight for the Vision X  XPI LED Light Bar Bolt

We added some lock light to the bolts.

Vision X  XPI LED Light Bar

XPI light bar has two sets of holes on each side that both bolt on the mounting feet. Since we’re doing a roof mount, we got to choose which hole to use and decided on the top one. That brought the Light Bar closer to the roof.

Vision X  XPI LED Light Bar

With one side bolted on, we went to the next side.

Vision X  XPI LED Light Bar

Vision X  XPI LED Light Bar

Vision X  XPI LED Light Bar Roof Mount install

Vision X XPI LED Light Bar roof mount install completed.

This style of mounting method worked, but I don’t think it would be recommended by Vision X! If you want to copy what we did, beware that you do so at your own risk!

After doing the install and driving around with it mounted on the truck for a while, here are some new tips and tricks:

1. Install a rubber washer between the light bar and the roof mount brackets. This will help with any vibration you might have and keep some positive pressure on all of the hardware.

2. If you have vibration issues try removing the long metal bracket that supports the underside foot-mounting system. To do this you have to break the seal on the end caps, which voids the warranty, but then you won’t have that loose metal bar clanging around. Be careful, we can do it for you if you don’t want to try it!

3. It’s really easy to point the light bar up too high or down too low. Play around with it, keep the tools in your truck and mess around with it at night until you get it just right!

If you want to order a Vision X XPI (Xmitter Prime Iris) light bar please contact Headlight Revolution for all of your LED needs!

Truck-Lite 80275 Review Video and Jeep Install Tricks

If you own a Jeep Wrangler, you’ve probably looked at upgrading the foglights and headlights on it with HID or LED. Finally there is a really good, in depth review about a popular Jeep LED fog light option. The video is located here, but it’s pretty long so we broke it down for you. Just click on each section below to watch that part of the video. This video talks about the features of the PAR36 (4.5″)  80275 LED Light from Truck-Lite. Installation of the Truck-Lite 80275 is shown in a Jeep Wrangler JK bumper as a fog light.


The Truck-Lite 80275 is an affordable LED replacement for the common PAR36 size light. The Truck-Lite 80275 gives 280 lumens, draws .84 Amps of power, is DOT Approved, has a 3-year warranty, and is made in the USA.

80275 par 36


At 5:07 in the video you can see different versions of LED PAR 36 lights: The JW Speaker 6045  is a more costly LED replacement for the Par 36 size light, but is much brighter. The JW Speaker gives 750 lumens, is DOT approved, has a life-time warranty, and is made in the USA.

truck lite and jw speaker


At around 6:23 in the video you can see different types of mounts like a universal rubber PAR36 pedestal mount that will work for any of these lights.  Shown here is a rubber mount and pedestal to hold and mount the light. This would be a great option for fog lights mounted on the top of a bumper.

par 36 rubber mount



At 6:54 in the video a different type of mounting bracket is shown. These are aluminum fog light brackets for mounting the 4.5″ LED lights to the inside of a Jeep Wrangler JK bumper. These brackets are installed from behind the bumper and clamp the light firmly in place. Watch here for some great tips and tricks to get the best fit possible for a LED housing replacement.

par 36 mounting brackets

truck lite installed in jeep jk bumper 2


At 12:36 you can see different wire harness adapters that make the Truck-Lite 80275 plug into the factory Jeep fog light wiring without any modifications. The new Truck-Lite LED replacements can be manually soldered and hardwired in, but an adapter is available for an easier plug and play install. The first is a 9145 style fog light bulb adapter, (common in 07-09 Jeep Wranglers) and the second a 2504 style fog light bulb adapter for 2009 and up Wranglers.


jk fog light plug and play harness



Lastly, at around 15:28 you get to see  the products in action. The original stock fog light bulbs in the Jeep JK are somewhat dim and yellow.  Here you can see how much brighter and whiter the different LED fog light replacements are. The fact that these products can be used largely as a plug and play upgrade is pretty exciting to anyone who needs brighter, whiter lights in the fog location.

truck lite 80275 beam pattern 3

jw speaker 6045 beam pattern 3



Watch the whole review and installation of the Truck-Lite 80275 in a Jeep Wrangler JK and its comparison to the JW Speaker 6045 on youtube.


Installing LED Headlights in 2014 GMC Sierra

We had the opportunity to see how someone installed their GTR Lighting LED Headlight Conversion Kit in a 2014 GMC Sierra so we thought you might like to see it also! The LED Headlights from have a built in heat sink and fan for forced air cooling. These cooling features do make these bulbs larger in size. Sometimes, as in the case of the 2014 GMC Sierra, the dust cover needs to be slightly modified. An extra rubber flap was added by this installer (custom build) to keep out water. The downside to this method is they are still not 100% sealed like they were in the factory, but this does allow you to still use them and at least keep water away from the LED system.

LED Conversion Kit installed in the 2014 GMC Sierra


GTR Lighting LED Conversion Kit in a 2014 GMC Sierra


GTR Lighting LED Conversion Kit in a 2014 GMC Sierra


GTR Lighting LED Conversion Kit in a 2014 GMC Sierra


GTR Lighting LED Conversion Kit in a 2014 GMC Sierra


GTR Lighting LED Conversion Kit in a 2014 GMC Sierra


The owner of this 2014 GMC reported that the light output is brighter than stock, and still has a good beam pattern like the factory bulbs. It is not recommended to install the dust cover completely over these LED conversion kit bulbs because without the proper airflow created by the fan inside the heat sink, they have a high risk of overheating and failing. The truck’s original bulb was bulb model 9012 and the product used in this install was the GTR Lighting #7010269 9006 LED Headlight Conversion Kit.

WARNING: HID Bulbs Will Melt Subaru BRZ Fog Lights – Try These LEDs Instead!

Did you know HID lights will melt the fogs on your BRZ? We will show you what happened to our BRZ and show you 2 good high power LED options so you can STILL have upgraded fog lights.



If you’re like us, we love the look and power of HID bulbs in our vehicles and will use them any chance we get. So when it came to updating the Subaru BRZ we went all out and put HIDs in the headlights and fog lights. The strength and intensity of HID lights make them a perfect safety upgrade in headlights and fog lights during poor weather conditions. However, we found out that HIDs were not an ideal choice for our Subaru BRZ fog lights. In the Subaru BRZ, the power of the HID bulbs was too great for the fog light housings; within a few days they began to melt.

burnt fog lightburnt fog light 2











HID light sources provide the brightest illumination available and are considered the benchmark against which other forward lighting technologies are measured. HID light sources provide three to four times the light output of standard halogen light sources and promote better driving visibility by providing enhanced peripheral vision and improved down-road illumination. HID Bulbs use up to 65% less energy than conventional lighting and can last up to 10 times longer, but all of that light creates heat. I recommend never installing HID bulbs in Subaru BRZ fog lights. We had these 35w HIDs installed in the fog lights for 1 week until we noticed some bubbles forming on the lens. Then within another week we also noticed the chrome reflector starting to flake and melt. As soon as we could, we ordered new housings and replaced them with new LED lights instead.

So now what, are you stuck with dim, yellow light in your BRZ fog lights? Not to worry, we’ve found two great options from Black Top Racing that will look great and keep your fog light housings intact.

Their first option is a 950 lumen 80 watt LED bulb from GTR Lighting. These bulbs will give you the crisp, white light of HID, with the long life and simplicity of LED bulb replacement.

led_fog_light_kit_level_1 2

Comparison of stock bulb and GTR Lighting LED Bulb in fog light housing.


Their second option is a complete LED Conversion Kit that boasts 2,200 lumens per bulb—that’s up to 2.5 times the output of standard halogen bulbs! Totally plug and play, this kit will give you the crisp, white 6000k look of HID without the higher HID price tag. Although the LED Conversion Kit doesn’t quite match the power level of HID, the LED Kit is a great choice where heat and melting issues arise. The LED bulbs in the Conversion Kit are molded from aluminum to conduct and dissipate heat through the bulb.  Also, an embedded fan in each bulb creates a forced-air cooling system to cool the bulb, prolong the bulb life, and protect your fog light housings.


LED bulb in housing.

LED bulb in housing.

Comparison of stock bulb and GTR Lighting  LED Conversion Kit bulb in a fog light housing

Comparison of stock bulb and GTR Lighting LED Conversion Kit bulb in a fog light housing

So if you want to update your Subaru BRZ fog lights, learn from our mistake and looking into these other great options. And if your looking to make any other upgrades to your Subaru BRZ, take a look at all the other BRZ specific options Black Top Racing has to offer.

Custom LED Fog Light Install for the Fiat 500c

We recently came across this custom LED fog light install for the Fiat 500c and thought the results were great. The Fiat owner used the GTR Lighting 9W LED Projector Driving Lights and a GTR Lighting halo switch. Below are the step by steps for the install and the final product.

Re-posted from the Forum. Written by macavant

After considering the Fiat option fog lights for auxiliary lighting; I decided to go a different route and go with an LED setup. The other LED setups I have found were either square lamp units or rectangular. I wanted to stay with the “round” – “circle” theme that our lovable 500s currently posses.

Decided on the GTR Lighting LED driving lights. The lights are rated @ 9W, 600 lumens with a 6000K color rating.

The install required the front bumper to be removed. Bumper removal was done by following a guide posted by Tweak. Bumper removal instructions. (Thank you Tweak for posting this)

After removing the bumper (with 8 Pozidriv screws & 9 T30 screws) the blank foglight covers can be removed (attached by 4 tabs each). Once removed – A 2.5″ hole cutter was used to provide an opening for the new light units.

Removed bumper and removed wiring harness aftermath.

Removed bumper and removed wiring harness aftermath.

A mount was created from the rear of the foglight opening from aluminum plates and secured by 4 bolts. The foglight openings of the bumper only had 3 mounting holes, a fourth hole had to be created to provide a more stable mount for the aluminum plate.

Created an aluminum plate as a bracket.

Created an aluminum plate as a bracket.

Aluminum plate as a bracket.

Aluminum plate as a bracket.

The driving light units came with mounting holes @ the rear. I used M8 x 1.25 bolts to mount it to the aluminum plate – the length of the new bolt allowed depth adjustments. The depth is adjusted with the use of fender washers and 2 nuts that sandwich the Al plate.

Depending on the preference, the bolt (along with the light unit) can be moved forward or back.

Driver side.

Driver side.

Passenger side.

12V and ground were tapped from each of the stock DRL bulb holder / wiring harness. The wires needed are Orange (+) and Black (-). This retains the on/off functionality when the turn signals are activated. I did install an auxiliary switch to turn off the LEDs and allow the stock DRLs to stay on.

The LED unit with the lens optic up close.

The LED unit with the lens optic up close.

Completed install - on with DRL in the afternoon sunlight.

Completed install – on with DRL in the afternoon sunlight.

Completed install.

Completed install.



HID Headlight Solution for 2014 Ford Fusion

Many people have been trying to install an HID conversion kit into the new 2014 Ford Fusion and have been running into a bunch of HID issues. Most of the time what happens is after the install you will test the lights and they work fine, but then when you start the engine to drive the car the headlights no longer work at all. We have tried several different types of ballasts and none of them work except for the brand new GEN 4 CANBUS ballast from GTR Lighting. This new series of ballasts (The Hylux Series) features the newest CANBUS integration technology in the market and works as a plug and play option for the new Ford Fusion. It can be expected that the new GEN 4 CANBUS ballast from GTR Lighting will work for any new Ford vehicle with similar CANBUS issues.

HID Issues are Solved with the Hylux ballast from GTR Lighting

HID Issues are Solved with the Hylux ballast from GTR Lighting

We tried a ballast from Morimoto, the 3rd gen ballast from GTR Lighting, a ballast from DDM tuning and a cheap eBay ballast we had laying around and they all did the same thing, worked with the engine off and as soon as the engine was started they quit working. This happens because the CANBUS system is activated on these cars to start controlling and monitoring the headlights once you start the engine to drive it. The ONLY ballast that was totally plug and play, NO extra parts, NO splicing or cutting – just plug it in and go, was the new GEN 4 ballast from GTR.

GTR Lighting GEN 4 CANBUS Ballasts are called the "Hylux Series" and are plug and play on new Ford vehicles for doing HID Conversion Kits.

GTR Lighting GEN 4 CANBUS Ballasts are called the “Hylux Series” and are plug and play on new Ford vehicles for doing HID Conversion Kits.

Simple solution, buy that ballast and use it with any HID bulbs that fit your Ford for a no-hassle solution! Easy. The Hylux series ballasts come in a 25w, a 35w and a 55w version, you can learn more about these ballasts and purchase them for your HID install here. It is safe to say that ANY of the new Hylux ballasts will work seeing as they all use the same CANBUS module integration. This is great news because for a long time the only good CANBUS ballasts out there were only available in 35w and now you can get a really high quality CANBUS ballast in any power level from GTR Lighting.